Congratulations! You got the sale! So what do you give your new homeowner to thank them for working with you? Most new homeowners will do at least some type of remodeling or decorating. Why not give them something they can truly use? The Design Assistant will help them plan, organize and shop for their new home! Best of all, they'll love you for giving them a jump start on organizing their project! Here are some benefits for you client.

  • The magnetic planning surface allows the new homeowner to plan the best way to arrange their furniture  in their new home before they move in.

  • Organization will be at their fingertips. All the receipts, warranties, material and color selections can be stored in one convenient place - 5 years from now, when they are touching up the hallway paint, they'll think of you when they have easy access to the color.

  • Hands free shopping! No more plastic baggies of samples! The Decorating Assistant goes from home, to the car, to the store - and when people comment on how cool it is, they can say "my realtor gave it to me!".

Want to make it even more special? Load it up with local business & community contacts and their final paperwork. It's a great and easy way to show that you are going the extra mile for them and we bet that they'll be sure to tell their friends!

The Assistant Product Group is pleased to announce that we have put together a special program just for real estate agents. If you have are a licensed realtor and would like information regarding our pricing for realtors fill out the form below or contact us at or (513) 522-4700.

Product Features & Benefits 

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